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Innokin Cartomizers & Clearomizers

Save Money Using An E-Cig

Everyone agrees that electronic cigarettes will save any smoker money. After you buy your e-cig starter kit, you pay for nothing but cartridges or the e-liquid to refill them. Most smokers will also need a battery or 2 per year depending on your individual smoking habits.

The average cost of an e-cig cartridge is about $1.5 and it contains the equivalent of 1/2 to a full pack of cigarettes. So let's get out our calculators.

If you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per day and you pay $6 a pack, yearly you spend $2190 on cigarettes. Double that if you are a 2 pack a day smoker.

Now, for calculating the cost of using an electric cigarette, you spend $1.5 to $3 per cartridge (equal to a pack of cigarettes) costing a pack a day smoker $550 to $1100 yearly for e-liquid. The saving will be between $800 to $1600 per year. Multiple pack a day smokers can multiply 1600 by the number of packs they smoke daily and see even greater savings.

Keep in mind you can also refill your ecig cartridges instead of replacing them and save even more. Buying bulk e-liquid is the most cost effective way to save when using an e-cig. When you buy bulk eliquid, you can expect to pay about .75 cents for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

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