E-Cig Best Brands Eco Safe, Kangertech, Innokin & Joyetech

Kangertech E-Cigarettes

Kangertech E-Cigarettes

KangerTech Evod BCC
KangerTech KR808D-1
KangerTech E-Smart

Best Selling Kangertech
More KangerTech - Clearomizers and Batteries, Evod BCC, AeroTank Airflow, E-Smart, KR808D, ProTank Dual Coil, Unitank Cartomizer, T3D E-Cig, Glass Cartomizers, Metal Bottom Coil Cartomizer, Variable Voltage Batteries. KangerTech was established in 2007 and produces some of the Worlds finest e-cigarettes, cartomizers and batteries. 

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Eco Safe E-Cig Mini BCC | The Eco Safe BCC 2.0 eliminates cartridges, provides superior vapor that NEVER tastes burnt, wastes ZERO e-liquid and extends the life of the coil. Much smaller than currently available BCC's

Kangertech E-Cig
Innokin E-Cigarettes

Innokin E-Cigarettes

Innokin SVD MOD
Innokin 134 VW MOD
Innokin iTaste VTR

Innokin Best seller
More Innokin - 2.0 iClear30, SVD MOD, iClear30S Cartomizer, iTaste CLK, iClear16 Dual Coil, CLK Battery, iTaste VF RDA. Established in 2005, Innokin has grown to be one of the most repected e-cigarette brands.

Innokin E-Cig

Joyetech E-Cig

What Is An E-Cigarette

Today's technology and precision electronics have made smoke free cigarettes simple and easy to use all while producing a smoking experience that completely resembles a tobacco cigarette. They offer you a money saving alternative to cigarettes without the nuisance of second hand smoke while delivering a rich flavorful vapor via the e-cig atomizer. This type of deliver system provides the taste and sensation of smoking a cigarette although nothing is burned.

How An E-Cig Works

The system synchronizes the atomizer (or cartomizer), control circuit, airflow sensor and led indicator. These controls monitor the duration of draw and the amount of e cig fluid (or e-liquid) vaporized during each draw. This maintains a consistent delivery of vapor and prevents the unit from overheating or leaking fluid.

Available In 2 & 3 Piece Styles - Both Have Same Components

Cartridge - The cartridge contains the e-liquid vaporizing solution
Atomizer - Vaporizes solution for inhalation. Built into cartridge container
Battery - Powers electronics & atomizer. 2 piece models combine cartridge & atomizer

The cartridge contains a mixture of propylene glycol and nicotine also known as e-liquid or e-juice. Propylene glycol is most commonly known as a food additive and also a moisturizing agent for foods, cosmetics & medicines and is considered safe for human consumption. Cartridges are available in various nicotine strengths making it easy to taper your nicotine dose down if you are quitting smoking.

Cartridges are available with and without nicotine and come in various colors. Available nicotine strengths vary from High (16 mg nicotine), medium (11 mg nicotine) and low (6 mg nicotine). Both nicotine and nicotine free cartridges are available in various flavors. The average cartridge contains an amount of eliquid equivalent to 10-20 cigarettes depending on the user. Price: $8-$10 per 5 pack

atomizer is monitored by the system control circuit and the airflow sensor. It heats to a precise temperature vaporizing the liquid from the cartridge for inhalation. Atomizer life will depend on how it is used and maintained. A properly cared for atomizer will normally last between 6 months and 1 year depending on the user. Price: $10-$15

E-Cig Batteries

Electronic cigarette batteries are re-chargeable lithium ion. Charging the batteries is very convenient due to multiple charging methods such as AC Chargers, USB Chargers, Pocket Chargers & Car Chargers.

Automatic batteries sense when the user takes a draw from the cigarette and automatically activates the atomizer. The auto style monitors the length of the draw and shuts the atomizer off automatically after a pre-set amount of time (about 10 seconds).

Manual Batteries have a small activation switch that you press to manually activate the atomizer and will keep the atomizer on for as long as the switch is activated. Manual batteries are for the smoker who wants a really long draw and complete control over the atomizer. Batteries last 2-6 hours per charge and have a lifespan of 1-2 years depending on how they are used and cared for. It is important to follow the instructions included with the battery as the first few charges are critical to its life span. Price: $10-$15